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A note on Copyrighted posts

Our sites are at 80% made from and, and we keep a high level of scrutiny to make sure that we DO NOT use someone else work and make sure that they are in Public Domain.

YouTube provides several ways to watch videos, including the website, the mobile apps, and permitting other websites to embed them. Available content includes music videos, video clips, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and video blogs. Most content is generated by individuals, but media corporations also publish videos. Besides watching and uploading, registered users can comment on videos, rate them, create playlists, and subscribe to other users.

Also it exists other sites the SHARE possibility, mainly from newspapers online, Patheos, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and almost all others that provide the tools the share the age or article. .

Since April 1, we encounter people from one youtube channel that accuse us of copyright infringement

First we recieved a message on Facebook Messenger.

Requesting to remove all youtube videos of François C. Bourbeau and he’s contacting is legal representative

Email from Bourbeau and Emilio Zinno

Fraud, Defamation , and/or Character Assassination !
Please acknowledge that, unbeknownst to us, François C. Bourbeau and Don Emilio Zinno ARE NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY! with the religious organization below plagiarizing our radio & video copywritten originals to perpetuate their raison d’être. We are in contact with our legal representation to rectify this most unfortunate act of misappropriation .

Proof of all pages and posts are deleted

Unfortunately, they never read Google/YouTube Terms of Use. It says: “if you post anything on our site, you agree that we use them as we please. You agree that you let our users operate your videos to be used on their site or blogs via our services provided to this.

In the second link read: Rights you Grant A) License to YouTube and B) License to Other Users



Did you know that it exist plug-ins on Worpress to import a video, or a playlist even a complet channel!

Made by many software companies to automate your site.

And Google authorize you via Embedded Plus for YouTube Plugin

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