We are a cooperative interaction between people of different religious traditions at
the individual level with the aims to create social assistance to anyone in need.

The Harmony Chaplaincy Ministry is a Non-Profit Charity with years of experience specializing
in socially responsible volunteer programs worldwide. Our program focused on social welfare,
healthcare, gender issues, and environmental programs. From a local group to the world, Harmony
Chaplaincy offers

With our programs like HARMONY,we outreach to mild down suffering locally, regionally, nationally and
worldwide. We encourage and create interaction between people of different religious traditions at the
individual level with the aims to create social assistance to anyone in need. We seek to ensure that
individuals and families have access to food, clothing and counseling. We share information about
pressing community needs. We created this site to educate, advocate, initiate, coordinate, and support
through task forces and other means, to work for the common good, and to address human needs and
improve the quality of life of the citizens of the world. .Also we are involved in environment protection.

We are an inter faith group that promotes peace trough religious tolerance, freedom and understanding
Our Goal recognize, respecting and valuing our different faiths and beliefs and the practices of our
religions. Creating opportunities for interaction and dialogue between our faiths in order to promote
knowledge, understanding and an awareness of the equality of all people. Co-operating to promote
racial, cultural and religious harmony and to fight intolerance. Working together for the common goals of
peaceful co-existence, justice for all peoples.

Volunteer opportunities are available at the URI-Harmony Cooperation Circle Chaplain

Partner with us by joining grassroots change-makers around the world who are working every day to
bridge inter-religious divisions and address critical needs in their communities.

We are a  Cooperation Circle, join us for a global forum or make a financial contribution, every action
you take strengthens the abilities of grassroots leaders to negotiate an end to local conflicts, fight
environmental degradation, build local economies, empower women, and more. We are all connected.
We pray and preach by our examples and the best way to represent this is by our actions. We are people
helping people, locally, nationally and internationally.


By our Chaplaincy, our 1st Ministry With Harmony, the EMMI Harmony working for freedom of religion
and belief at a global level trough URI Circles and  The International Association for Religious Freedom
And by supporting other organisation like Cause.com, Charter for Compassion International Association
for Religious Freedom.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The International Association for Religious Freedom (IARF) is a charitable organization that works for
religious freedom around the world. It was founded in Boston in 1900 and is the oldest international
interfaith group.

IARF has over ninety affiliated groups, spread over twenty countries, with a wide range of faiths
represented, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Shintoism.

In 1972 IARF was granted consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Fund
(ECOSOC). It was the catalyst for the formation of the “Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief”
in 1989 which was granted formal status with ECOSOC in 1992. http://iarf.net/

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