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Dieric Bouts, Altar of Holy Sacrament
Public domain in its country of origin and this work
is in the public domain in the United States.

Methodist church has only two sacraments whereas the catholic church has seven sacraments. The catholic church is hierarchical with the pope as the head, whereas the Methodist church is representative and has no church head.

Eric Michel Ministries International a Nonconforming Methodist entity as five sacraments and we are also hierarchical with the Archbishop as the head with the general assembly named Symposium. The Symposium is deferent of the general assembly because it doesn’t have an end time or date. It can last a day, like in 2020 or a week as the 2019, even three days in 2018. We needed to use this form for our General Assembly because our members are around the planet with different time zones.

Our Holy Sacraments are:

  1. The Holy Baptism
  2. The Holy Eucharist
  3. The Holy Matrimony
  4. The Holy Unction of the sick
  5. The Holy Order

These Holy Sacraments are only under the Chaplaincy, our New Hope Ministry and Missions (Baptist Ministry) as well our Pentecostal Ministry as only Baptism and Eucharist who are Biblical.

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