Holy Ordination

What is required of me to perform marriage?
Before performing a marriage, you must first be authorized to do so. In most provinces you do require ministers to register with the government before performing marriage via a church.

Are your ordinations legal?
Yes, our ordinations are fully legal, an ordination is an appointment conferred by a church.

How long does it take to become a minister?
Your ordination if you not qualify can take between three to seven years, you will need to completed mandatory courses, students who have completed a Bachelor Degree in one of our classes can apply to be ordained by FSOJ from RTTM. (See TIMELINE BEFORE ORDINATION) Before you need to meet our requirements

How much does ordination cost?
Our ordination is free, but will need to purchase all you attire.

Does your ordinations expire?
Our ordinations never expire. Your ordination is valid as long as you wish it to be, by your choice. Note that your letter of good standing may expire, but when it does, you
can request an other one if you serve with us.

The Seminary FoJ/BA grant tax exemptions?
No. Our university is not approved by the government as a school we are a church .Our training is an important part of our non-profit ministry.

What is a Letter of Good Standing?

A Letter of Good Standing is simply a dated letter, signed by a church officer, stating that the minister in question is in good standing with
Eric Michel Ministries International.

What is a marriage certificate?
Our marriage certificates are decorative documents for the couple to keep, commemorating their wedding day it is not an official document that you need to order from
your provinces.

What are the payment options available?
We do not offer any options please contact your financial institution.

What method of shipment is used?
All items are shipped via Canada Post with a tracking of our outgoing mail. All mails shipping’s do have shipping fees.


Men and women who have not been previously ordained may apply for ordination with the Chaplaincy.

The procedure is as follows: completion and submission of the application form according to the instructions an applicant must:

  1. Be at least 25 years of age. / 19 for the seminary
  2. Have earned a high school diploma.
  3. Be a EMMI member. (Paid Membership)
  4. Successfully complete the ordination courses and be approved for ordination by the EMMI Board of Directors this is done by request only.
  5. Submit an application form through the mail or email. You are to submit the following with the application form: a signed copy of the EMMI Statement of Faith and         
    Non-Hatred Pledge, your resume, and a paper about your spiritual journey and call to ministry.
  6. Be personally interviewed by a EMMI Board Member, minister, or a person qualified and approved to conduct the interview on our behalf.
  7. Give us permission to run a criminal background check on your name. This is mainly to protect us from lawsuits if one of our EMMI-ordained ministers commits a    
    serious crime in connection with his or her ministerial duties.
  8. Arrange to have three people who know you, and are not close friends or family, submit confidential letters of recommendation independently from you.
  9. Have at least three contacts either in person or by telephone with a liaison assigned by the EMMI Ordination Committee. This is to get to know you and for mentoring.
  10. Write a paper about your spiritual beliefs.
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