Joining Eric Michel Ministries International is a straight-forward process. Our by-laws specify: If you accept the Articles of Faith as an Christian then you can consider yourself part of Eric Michel Ministries International. Any person who is Christian of any denominations, shall be enrolled in the membership of this Church by making a 21.00$CAD pledge each year and it is equal to a confirmation of accepting church beliefs, rules and you must be involve in activities and supporting your church..

A member of IAoC is a person or a group of persons belonging to a local church and want to belong to a World Wide Christian Association.

We are a religious organization that meets in a particular location or online. We are formally organized, with constitutions and by-laws, maintain offices, are served by pastors or lay leaders, and, in nations where this is permissible, often seek non-profit corporate status. You are a person, or a Local church often relates to denominations, connecting them with a specific tradition within the religion, sharing a broad sense of history, culture and doctrinal heritage with other church bodies
of the same tradition.

So a member is somebody who, whether by a signature or a word of commitment or promise, says, “I’m committed to people who preach the word of God, and people who commit to the one commandments of love each other. If you say, “OK”, I want to be a part of a community, give yourself to ministering there and receiving ministry there, and advancing the cause, and I’m a part of that.”.

In joining IAoC, you make visible your commitment to God and his people. Membership is one way to raise faith. You state before God and others that you are part of this Christian body of believers.

Committing by saying, “I am committed to this group of people, and they are committed to me. I am here to give, more than get.” We are independent, free spirits and critical thinkers. We get an idea and run with it in the same direction as a part of something bigger than myself. I am not just an
individual. I am part of a body, the Body of Christ”.

IAoC membership keeps you accountable. When you join our association, you are offering ourselves to be encouraged, rebuked, corrected, and served. We are placing ourselves under leaders and submitting to their authority. We are saying, “I am here to stay. I want to help you grow, and will you help me to do the same?”

Joining IAoC allows you to make promises. When someone’s become a member of the Eric Michel Ministries International, you make promises to pray, give, serve, attend, accept the spiritual guidance of the association, evaluate the teachings, and seek the things that make for unity and peace. Membership matters more than most people think. If you want to be a person enlighten with knowledge, sign up for the association and join us.

Why pay dues to the IAoC Association?

Part of the funds donated does indeed go to help those who are going through hard times. Spiritual leaders have living expenses, and fellowships have operating expenses. Your donation goes towards meeting those expenses. Paying Membership Due is part of your financial commitment for the survivance of the association, Eric Michel Ministries International members are a vital part of the association.

Eric Michel Ministries International 
membership demonstrates your commitment to solidarity and allows us to continue working with you and partners for a better society. Eric Michel Ministries International welcomes both individual and organizational members.

The “confirmation” is accomplished by receiving the “Right hand of fellowship” from a Minister and your “Membership Certificate”. Thereafter, you will be greeted by your fellow members!

To prepare for membership, to understand its benefits and responsibilities, and to ask questions, there are Inquirers’ Classes several times a year. Times and dates for the class will be published in a newsletter, the official IAoC website and on this “Events Calendar”.

Membership Classes:

  • All members are “Class A”
  • All followers are “Class B”
  1. Followers membership 0.00$CAD/year
  2. Full membership 21.00$CAD/year
  3. Clergy membership 65.00$CAD/year
  4. Church membership small $CAD/year
  5. Church membership medium $CAD/year
  6. Church membership large $CAD/year
  7. Church membership $CAD/year

Faithlife member registration

A Worldwide Association of Churches and Missionaries

We welcome you to the churches association who are in partnership with the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry, a Bible-believing Christian Church association with its foundation rooted in God’s word.

To Christian Corporation, we invite you to join us around the world to help the ministries make a transformation in your communities under the light of the Holy Spirit. This site is to give information for an association between churches or Christian Corporations

We are offering to local Christian organizations the possibility to be an affiliate or associate member of our association. If you are interested in working in partnership with us, please view the modality.

You can join us in 3 ways as:

1) Affiliated or 2) Associated with a church or a Christian organization Or at last 3) as a pastor or a ministry leader.

What you need to do:

All must agree to:

  1. Be an interdenominational Christian Assembly of Churches, for this reason; our ministers may vary about temporal and spiritual doctrines
  2. We believe that all 66 books of the Bible are the only inspired word of God called scripture. We do not acknowledge the Book of Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness and any Secret Societies or anything like not to be inspired scripture (Tim. 3:16).
  3. We believe that God is one, but reveals Himself through the persons of the Trinity as The Father, The Son as Christ, and The Holy Spirit. (1 Cor. 8:6 6:44; Rom. 1:7; Isa. 9:6; Jn. 1:1 Acts 5:3; Heb 9:14; Jn. 4:24).
  4. We believe that God is the creator of all things, is all-powerful, all-knowing, and in control to do as He wills (Acts 14:15; Jer. 32:17; Eph. 3:20; Psa.139:1-4; 1 Sam.2:6-9; Psa. 24:1).
  5. We believe that salvation is in none other than through the name, person, resurrection, work, and grace of Jesus Christ (Jn. 14:6; Jn. 3:16; Jn. 10:17-18; Rom. 1:4; Rom.5:8).
  6. We believe in the water baptism of believers in Christ (Mat. 28:19; Acts 2:38-41).
  7. We believe in the observance of communion as a means to remember our Lord (1 Cor. 11:24).
  8. We believe that Christ is the Head of the church, which should be governed by Him (Eph.5:23).
  9. God’s calling of both men and women to ordained ministry (Mat. 28:18-20; Acts 2:17; Gal. 3:28).
  10. The independence of ministers so that they may follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the direction and government of their ministries (Act. 8:29; 10:19; 11:12; 13:2-4;16:6-7; 20:22, 21:4).
  11. The fellowship among ministers for the sake of strength, encouragement, edification, prayer, and support (Rom.14:19; 1 Thes. 5:11; Eph. 2:21-22; Php. 4:8).

The condition in the association is the acceptance of an agreement to abide by the agreed, which appear below:

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches leaves to its members, freedom in the interpretation of creeds, scriptures and tradition, and of its liturgy and doctrine. While it may present certain doctrinal statements to its members, it does not exact from them acceptance of any dogmatic standards.

Our Creed: The Universal Creeds or the Ecumenical Creeds

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is an association of Christian churches of different denominations, by definition of our organization, we must use the Ecumenical creeds, who is an umbrella term used in the Western Church to refer to the Nicene Creed, the Apostles’ Creed and, less commonly, the Athanasian Creed. The ecumenical creeds are also known as the universal creeds. These creeds are accepted by almost all mainstream Christian denominations in the West, including Reformed churches, the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican churches and Lutheran churches. Many Methodist churches accept the Nicene Creed and Apostles’ Creed.

The Eastern Orthodox Church accepts the Nicene Creed but does not use the Apostles’ Creed or the Athanasian Creed.

A creed by definition is a summary or statement of what one believes. It originates from the Latin credo meaning “I believe”. The purpose of a creed is to act as a yardstick of correct belief. A creed is an epitome, not a full definition, of what is required for orthodoxy. It was hoped that by memorizing this summary of the faith, lay people without extensive theological training would still be able to recognize deviations from orthodox doctrines based on the Bible as interpreted in the Christian tradition. The term ecumenical can refer to efforts by Christians of different church traditions to develop closer relationships and better understandings. The term is also often used to refer
to efforts towards the visible and organic unity of different Christian churches in some form.

From Wikipedia

List of Christian creeds


Ecumenical council

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