What you need to know

  • You must be at least 18 years old to form a civil union. If you are under the age of 18, you cannot apply to the courts for authorization to form a civil union, as you
  • You must be single, divorced or widowed. During the interview we will require from you and your intended spouse to provide certain documents, including those: Single None
  • Civil union dissolved one of the following documents:
  1. Authentic copy of the joint declaration of dissolution made before a notary;
  2. Certified copy of the judgment dissolving the civil union
  • Divorced One of the following documents:
  1. Certified copy of the divorce certificate;
  2. Certified copy of the irrevocable divorce judgment
  • Widowed One of the following documents:
  1. Copy of the deceased’s act of death;
  2. Deceased’s death certificate
  • Divorce Outside of Quebec:
  1. We will accept, as proof, a court judgment or a document produced outside Québec. However, if the document is in a language other than French or English,                  
  2. We will require:
  • An official translation produced by a member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec;
  • A sworn statement by the translator that the translation is accurate.
  • If we have doubts about the validity or date of effect of a judgment, we will ask you to file a court application for the recognition of a foreign judgment.

In Canada as of July 20, 2005, marriage can take place between two people of the same-sex partners.
Union is prohibited between close relatives for moral and physiological reasons. you may form a civil union with certain other relatives, such as your cousin or a person who is related to by marriage only, such as the former spouse of your uncle or aunt, or your former sister-in-law.  

  • You must be present at your ceremony. Proxy unions are prohibited in Québec.
  • You are the only person who, at the ceremony, can.
  • The government provide the text to be read in front of witnesses and sign the declaration of union.
  • We will need birth certificate less then five year old from a Canadian province or a passport

Q & A

  1. How long we need to reserve before a wedding? The Government request a four (4) months notice.
  2. Where can we be married by EMMI? At the present time only in Quebec region of Gatineau and Brownsburg  
  3. What kind of place can we be married? The government is very strict on the location, it need a civic address and the place have to be appropriate for the occasion.        
    The ceremony must be held in a place that is open to the public, before an authorized officiant and in the presence of two witnesses. The ceremony solemnized by an
    officiant may be held in any place chosen by the intended spouses, provided that the place is in keeping with the solemn nature of the ceremony and has a suitable   
    layout. It is particularly important to note that the location decided on for a marriage celebrated by an officiant appointed by the Minister of Justice cannot be changed
    since it is specified in the officiant’s instrument of designation. The ceremony must necessarily take place in the judicial district indicated.
  4. What is the time for a celebration? It must be solemnized between 9:00 and 22:00 and they may be solemnized on any day.
  5. How it is with the Bans? It must be posted for 20 days before the date of the ceremony, at the place where the ceremony is to be held and at the courthouse nearest          
    to that place.
  6. How to get our Marriage Certificate? All documents required must be filed with the clerk of the Superior Court in the judicial district where the ceremony took place.       
    For that reason you need to request it from the Government at this address
  7. How much do you charge for a celebration? No two ceremonies are the same because each one is composed to reflect the unique character and personalities of the
    marriage partners. Our ceremony is imbued with meaning by the people who are participants whether the couple or their friends, family and guests.  Above all, our
    wedding is a celebration of the human spirit and the human capacity to form conscious relationships with particular individuals. It have so much variant please contact     
    us ( for more information.

Wedding Contact Information:

  1. Please note all wedding is for small party (20 max.) or private (6 max) indicate number of participants?
  2. Wedding Date:
  3. Time:
  4. Full Name of Groom:
  5. Full Name of Bride:
  6. Location of Ceremony: Gatineau or Brownsburg?
  7. Contact Email:
  8. Will rings be exchanged?
  9. Will the bride be given away?
  10. Would you like the Officiant to attend a rehearsal?
  11. Style: Sand Ceremony or Rose Ceremony
  12. Do you need a place for the celebration?

All Items to provide 4 months before the ceremony

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