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Our Mission: Due to the political and economic, even religious instability that has hindered the development of much small church, African NGOs often find and utilize resources for their Community. Small churches in developing countries struggle to identify resources that match up to their capacities and needs. Eric Michel Ministries International set up an Africain way to unite Christian churches of all denominations under the African Churches Association (website Our NGO corporation issue opportunities for such small Christian churches that cannot source from other church sources. We are developing a Premium Membership service that will answer some of your needs according to the resources available. Premium Membership offers options to find resources under several other brands and partners with more than 500 publishers to provide over 120,000 Christian ebooks. Harvestime Bible Academy is a free electronic study Bible available online. The EMMI-ACA is also an online social network that ties together many brands like Faithlife, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and many more to manage your church resource online. Users can create their profiles and groups (which can be public or private), and then share items within those groups. Groups can access through a web browser. In addition to standard social network functionality, users can share various resources with others in the group to copy to use within the services.

Many ministers spend hundreds and sometimes thousands from church incomes on church-related business expenses each year. Ministers must show how they spent the money on legitimate church-related business reasons to get reimbursement from the church. Some churches do not have policies and procedures in place for prior approval of any church-related expenses. These churches’ expense policies and procedures guide church staff and members on the proper techniques to take when filling out these expense forms and exactly what can or cannot be reimbursed. The travel expenses ministers must be away from home overnight on church-related business. If their trip was not overnight, only transportation costs are usually deducted. For expenses to be allowed as deductions, ministers have to show that they spent the money for legitimate church-related business reasons. To prove that they spent the money, ministers need to provide documentary evidence that can be confirmed by a third party, which can include cancelled checks, purchase receipts, or credit card receipts. Receipts are also required if the business expense was paid in cash.

Our Goal: EMMI African Churches Association is a group of Christian Ministers and Lay Elders that lead a small church that comes together around a common purpose. As the association is a type of nonprofit organization that operates by taking profits, that we receive from goods, services, donations, or sponsorships and cycling them back into our small church members to further achieve their missions. All small churches had rough beginnings; our association will help you face every challenge head-on. Our strong sense of purpose to fill a need in a community of small church NGO’s is our role to push boards to create better working conditions for ministers, and we have career-building educational resources via different minister training schools. We are offering a support network for professional church leaders. If you have a clear need for an association, your chances of success are high. The steps in getting your church’s ability to know exactly your needs and the EMMI African Churches Association can make it easier for you to find supporters and members, and then create resources. We can help you strengthen your church purpose and find new resources, not available by your Community.

Finance: The EMMI African Churches Associations receive the majority of our revenue from membership dues and yearly fee pay to access the association’s value and community support. We are also receiving grants from large supporting Corporate Partnership/Affinity Programs as our significant supporters. We have Fundraising Activities and merchandise sales.

What kind of members we are looking for:

  1. Volunteers with a strong work ethic capable of achieving goals
  2. Dependable volunteers following through
  3. Volunteers with a positive attitude creating a pleasant environment
  4. Self-motivated Volunteers working with little direction
  5. Team-oriented Volunteers making the most out of collaboration
  6. Volunteers who have access to financial resources or soliciting donations.
  7. Volunteers with management expertise.

Information on Membership

All information’s that you will need are on the main site

  1. Virtual Membership
  2. Ordinary Membership
  3. Our Organization
  4. Our Followers are class “B” members = no membership fees
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