God has called us to start the Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary Ministry. To encourage you in the Christian faith and to provide free Bible training so that you can go forth and do God’s will according to what He has purposed for your life!

Regardless of your denomination, you are called by God to live a good Christian life on this earth. We pray that these courses will inspire you to be righteous in Jesus’ name. Amen!

As a teaching Ministry,
our goal at Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary is to encourage spiritual growth in the lives of members and stir up the leadership potential within.

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches
is a religious not-for-profit organization that offers courses and resources dedicated to empowering members, especially in the developing world in Africa, America and Asia under the EMMI Research. Theology and Teaching Ministry via our Seminary

Our HBA & Seminary
 is one of over many schools worldwide that use the Accelerated Christian Education program. HBA & Seminary has a well-established leadership role in Christian education, having an incredibly successful year, proven track record. In addition to being Biblically-centered, our program focuses individually on each student’s unique aptitudes and abilities. The student advances only as he or she masters each academic concept. Scripture, coupled with lessons on the character traits of Christ, is throughout our curriculum, to give meaning and purpose to the lessons taught. The result is an excellent, well-rounded, spiritual, and academic foundation in each student’s life.

The topics
we cover include everything from basic Christian discipleship to prayer, spiritual warfare, guidance, healing, Christian sexuality, church growth, evangelism and missions.

We have four options:

  1. The Online Seminary where the student learns to be a member of a church staff or any Christian organization (Online with scholarship fees)
  2. The Seminary & Bible Academy is for the in-class students to learn about the faith and also be a Christian worker. (On location with fees)
  3. The Harvestime Bible Academy is for everyone who likes to know about the Christian faith. (Online and Free)
  4. Coming Soon African Network

Our in-classes workshops provided by Vision International University, a class will start when we have ten students enrolled. NB: Vision International University offer Online program as well.

Our Mission

At the Harvestime Bible Academy and Seminary Canada (Ministry), we strive to prepared Christ servant, who embrace Christ’s call and transform the world through the study and application of God’s Word.

Our Vision

We strive to develop each student to the fullest potential through challenging coursework, with a select group of Christian teachers.

Students who attend HBASC will be encouraged to become a successful Christ-centered apostle

The Seminary Footsteps of Jesus and Harvestime Bible Academy exists to train men and women who aspire to be a minister, as well as to provide further training for men and women who are already engaged in ministry. We also provide further instruction for laypeople who desire to enhance their understanding of Scripture.

Pursuing a theological education while holding a job and caring for a family can be challenging. In order to accommodate students who are managing various responsibilities, FOJSBA courses are offered in an online format.

is committed to maintaining high academic standards. Therefore, no student will be considered to have completed a program successfully who do not achieve
a cumulative grade point Superior or higher.

Footsteps of Jesus Seminary & Bible Academy and Canadian Harvestime Bible Academy
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