Effective Date January 1, 2017 (2010-2016)


The purpose of this policy is to establish the standards of uniform dress and authorized equipment for the Chaplain of the E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy.

All Chaplains are governed by this policy.
All Chaplains while serving in an official capacity will wear one of the prescribed uniforms.
Uniforms, when worn, shall be neat, clean, and well pressed. shoes, leather, and brass shall be polished.
It is not appropriate to attach the E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy patches to non-approved shirts or jackets. It is also not appropriate to attempt to duplicate the E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy logos to embroider or screen non-approved shirts.

E.M.M.I. Chaplains
must be dressed in one of the prescribed uniforms
E.M.M.I. Chaplain badge when performing the duties of a chaplain for the corporation. Wearing the full uniform is the dress code.

All uniforms will be approved by the Board of Directors and no substitutions, changes or variations may be worn unless approved prior by the Board.
Uniforms will be classified as Ceremonial Class “A”, Duty Class “B”, Casual Class “C”.

Professional Uniform “A”
For general use working as a chaplain, instructing, etc.
Light blue button-down shirt with the community service logo embroidered on
Chaplain must have their name tag on all uniforms, but not on a T-shirt or seater.

Ceremonial Class A Uniform
For conducting or attending weddings, funerals, first responder funerals, ceremonies, etc.

– White shirt (short or long sleeved) with clergy front or chaplain white clergy shirt
– Navy blue or black dress slacks
– Black shoes
– Black 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 trouser chaplain belt
E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy gold collar gold cross pins are to be worn on both sides of the shirt collar
All personnel with rank will wear black cloth shoulder boards on the shirt’s epaulets with their rank Navy blue or black dress blazer (double breasted) with E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy patches on each arm 1/2 inch below shoulder seam
Metal Badge
The dress hat is a standard part of this uniform with the E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy hat badge.

Duty Uniform (For general use) “B”
– Black, Navy Blue or Black Cargo Pants or blue or black jeans may be worn.
E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy Blue-shirt (short or long sleeve) with clergy front or the chaplain clergy white shirt
– Black or Blue whole sweater for winter
– Black 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 trouser belt and chaplain buckle
– Black safety boots or professional closed toe shoes/running shoes
– Black Cap with E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy logo

Casual Class “C”
For professional events, working, teaching, etc.

– White or Black T-shirt (short or long sleeved) with Logo of E.M.M.I. Chaplaincy
– All personnel with rank can wear pants or jeans
– Baseball Cap with cross
– A blazer can be wear in Class B with grey pants and a clergy shirt, a bishop can wear his coats of arms

On Class “A” and “B” chaplain uniform and the blazer, a service patch maybe wear ex: Legion, Military , Police, Fire Dep or EMS patch. If you been certify by the International Federation of Christian Chaplain, you can ware their logo and/or badge.


The designation of rank will be as follows:

  1. Assistant Chaplain 2 bent bars
  2. Senior Assistant 3 bent bars
  3. Master Assistant 1 Crown
  4. Chief Assistant 1 Canada Coat-of-Arms
  5. Registered Chaplain plain epaulets with the word “Chaplain” and CA flag
  6. Senior Chaplain single silver bar
  7. Master Chaplain double silver bars
  8. Deputy Chief Chaplain three gold bars (Bishop)
  9. Chief of the Chaplaincy four gold bars (Bishop)
  10. Commander of the Chaplaincy five gold bars (Archbishop)


Lay chaplain wear white shirt and black tie for the class “A” and “B” uniforms
A whole sweeter can be wear over any uniform Lay, class “A” or “B” in winter time over the shirt, epaulets must be on.
Right Rev. Marie denomination is United Baptist, they do not wear any clergy apparel / wardrobe etc.
All chaplains must have their ID Card and wear the badge when in duty.

Black or blue Blazer with legion patch (or other), grey pants, black shoes, chaplain belt
White or blue shirt, clergy collar, lapel cross are use in semi-official occasions.
The chaplain do not perform any chaplain duty in this uniform, excepted when he is in duty at the organism that organism in which the patch represent.

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