Canadian Harvestime Bible Academy

God has called EMMI to start the Canadian Harvestime Bible Academy Ministry, to encourage you in the Christian faith, and provide free Bible training so that you can go forth and do God’s will according to what He has purposed for your life!

Regardless of your faith or denomination, you are called by God to live a good Christian life on this earth.

We pray that these courses will inspire you to be righteous in Jesus’ name. Amen!

As a teaching Ministry, our goal at Harvestime Bible Academy is to encourage spiritual growth in members’ lives and stir up the leadership potential within.

Eric Michel Ministries International is a religious not for profit organization that offer courses and resources dedicated to empowering members, especially in the developing world in Africa, America and Asia under the Research. Theology and Teaching Ministry via our Seminary Stepfoots of Jesus and our Harvestime Bible Academy.

Our school, Harvestime Bible Academy, is one of over 7,000 schools worldwide that use the Accelerated Christian Education program. Having an incredibly successful, 30-year, proven track record, Harvestime Bible Academy has a well-established leadership role in Christian education. In addition to being Biblically-centered, our program focuses individually on each student’s unique aptitudes and abilities. The pupil advances only as he or she masters each academic concept but, at the same time, is not held back by an arbitrarily set, current academic pace. Scripture memory verses, coupled with lessons on the character traits of Jesus Christ, are interwoven throughout the curriculum to give meaning and purpose for the taught academics. The end result is an excellent, well-rounded, spiritual, and academic foundation in each student’s life.

We cover everything from basic Christian discipleship to prayer, spiritual warfare, guidance, healing, Christian sexuality, church growth, evangelism, and missions.


The Harvestime Bible Academy
was started in 1978-79. Our mission is to offer college-level Bible, Theology and Ministry courses to equip Christians. We offer these courses free to anyone who has a desire to pursue a deeper knowledge of the Bible and the Kingdom of God. We have an online program that includes hands-on training, mentoring and component that can be accessed by students from all over the world.

Once you have completed all our courses, you will be awarded the Associate in Biblical Studies degree. The Associate of Biblical Studies degree is designed to equip students to more effectively study the Scriptures and offers training in general studies areas. It can lead you into a Lay leader volunteer at EMMI.

While you may take courses at your own pace, our courses are designed to take twelve(12) weeks to complete. If there are more than twelve lessons in the course, you need to divide the total number of lessons by twelve(12) to figure out how many lessons you should be completing each week. If you are able, you can complete up to twenty(20) courses in one year. This would be a significant workload, so we recommend that you take no more than ten(10) sessions per year, which would allow you to earn your Associate in Biblical Studies degree.

Harvestime Bible College Courses
with the Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming, Independent Baptist & Eric Michel Pentecostal.

Tools: Open Bible & Harvestime

We have partnered with Harvestime International Network and Open Bible to provide quality Bible School Training. We are offering attestation programs in places where it’s difficult to attend a Bible College or School in the city.

Cost Free

Footsteps of Jesus is the online Seminary where you can affordably pursue your goals of more knowledge about the Bible and college-level study for Ministry and Bachelors’ degrees.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth hath eternal life. John 6:42

Matthew 9:37-38 New International Version (NIV)

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

Access to Canadian Harvestime Bible Academy in our community


Free Bible Studies in PDF Format to be used for your own work, after completed you can send to us your answers for evaluation and a certificate will be issued at the end of the courses. All courses are trademark and to be used as directed.

Courses are for Believers to become Lay Ministers working with us.

And also for anyone who which to do them.

This is a group study, so information, questions, comments can be shared, discussed and keep in mind this group is for studying not for sharing personal Facebook-like posts.

Notice: All documents are on a server, please advise a minister of a broken link, thank you!

  1. Strategies for Spiritual Harvest
  2. Foundations of Faith
  3. Kingdom Living
  4. Spiritual Strategies (Warfare)
  5. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  6. Knowing God’s Voice
  7. Creative Bible Study Methods
  8. Basic Bible Survey: Old Testament
  9. Basic Bible Survey: New Testament
  10. Developing a Biblical World View
  11. Teaching Tactics
  12. Methodology of Multiplication
  13. Power Principles
  14. Biblical Management Principles
  15. Principles of Environmental Analysis
  16. Management by Objectives
  17. Mobilization of Methodologies
  18. Leaven-like Evangelism
  19. Women, A Biblical Profile
  20. Battle For The Body
  21. Intercessory Prayer
  22. From Islam to Immanuel
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