Are You Asking for Donations?

At this time we do not give to charity unless someone asks us to give to you on their behalf.

We help our member, and this is how to proceed:

  1. Apply for membership it is 21.00$CAD
  2. Be active among the churches association
  3. At the general assembly, Symposium, present your project
  4. Be aware of the EMMI Churches’ Association available funds for projects, if you require to high your request will not be presented at the Symposium.
  • Brainstorm and organize ideas for your project, make a mind map to stimulate new thoughts with your Board of Elders and members of the clergy.
  • Draft a project to be presented at the symposium
  • Be positive
  • Tell us what you want to do
  • Write about what are your needs
  • Do some research on your proposal to see what is available presently
  • Be specific and realistic in your  request
  • Create a visual representation
  • Get support if you need it from the community
  1. The name of the proposal
  2. The person responsible for the demand: Name and Last name
  3. Position title
  4. Phone number
  5. email
  6. Name of the organism
  7. The address of the organism
  8. The business nature of the organism are you a church or a para-church
  9. Name of the Pastor and the President of the Board of Elders
  10. Statement of finance
  11. Title of the project
  12. The main goal of the project
  13. Intervention field of the project
  14. Targeted clientele by the project
  15. Arguments on the potential of this solution in order to answer the claimed problem of targeted goals
  16. Define the principal risks of the project
  17. Define the potential of the project, once implanted
  18. Define the results expected on a short, medium and long term
  19. Identify, if it is the case, the other partners implied in the project
  20. Describe the other cost and the total cost of the project
  21. Indicate the amount that is asking for the subvention
  22. Duration planed of the project in months
  23. On the document project, it must have the signature of the responsible, the pastor and the president of your Board of Elders.

At the Symposium

  1. Present your project 60 days before the Symposium date. Between January and February of each year.
  2. At the Symposium your project will be voted to be admissible for study
  3. After the Symposium a committee will be chosen to study, vote and recommend the project as is or some items will need to be modified, removed or added.
  4. You will receive after the approval a notification if your project is accepted and the amount allowed to your project.


Membership and Donation

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