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The TOSF Chaplaincy Chapter with headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, was founded in 2020 by Archbishop Eric Michel, and the Chaplaincy chose to spread his mission of peacemaking and love in a variety of ways as teachers at the EMMI Bible Academy, administrators, and chaplains. The MENC Chaplaincy is the overseer of the TOSF Chaplaincy Ministry.

We are official chaplain members of the clergy with the help of lay people who have received professional training in Chaplaincy. We are not attached to an institution but we work the in community in general.

We work with EMS and Fire Departments to provide moral support to the victims also to the
Paramedics and the Firefighters.

Veterinary chaplains (New name for Pets Chaplain) serve people and their animals, ministering with regards to the spirituality associated with animals and their connections with humans. A major function is grief support and prayer. Other services include hospice support while animals are cared for near the end of their lives; support in animal health crises, including at the veterinary hospital; conducting services for animal blessings, naming/adopting ceremonies, and end of life celebration ceremonies. Veterinary chaplains may also offer sermons and spiritual guidance on the human/animal bond and our responsibilities toward animals; and some may visit nursing homes and hospitals with therapeutic animal assistants. Other veterinary chaplains may provide blessings for animal care workers.

Los Angeles, CA: Bizcailuz Building, Mexican Consul Hispanic
Heritage Center
Blessing of the Animals Mural
Leo Politi, artist, 2012
Photo: Chris English
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
Unported license.

Blessing of animals can be either of the animal or of the human-animal relationship, and can apply to pets and other companion animals, or to agricultural animals and working and other animals which humans depend on or interact with.

Ceremonial blessing of companion animals occurs throughout the world, for example, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Spain, and the United States. Blessing of animals is a religious activity, and occurs broadly across most religions in some form, including, for example, across Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Shintoism, Unitarian Universalism, amongst others.

Secular respect for animals is also strong, for example, World Animal Day, an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually, but is still held on 4 October, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, a Christian patron saint of animals. 

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