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God has called us to start the Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary Ministry, to encourage you in the Christian faith and to provide free Bible training so that you can go forth and do the will of God in accordance with what He has purposed for your life!

Regardless of your denomination, you are called by God to live a good Christian life on this earth. We pray that these courses will inspire you to be righteous in Jesus’ name. Amen!

As a teaching Ministry, our goal at Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary is to encourage spiritual growth in the lives of members and stir up the leadership potential within.

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is a religious not for profit organization that offer courses and resources dedicated to empowering members, especially in the developing world in Africa, America and Asia under the Research. Theology and Teaching Ministry via our Seminary school, Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary are one of over 7,000 schools worldwide that use the Accelerated Christian Education program.

Having incredibly successful years, proven track record, Harvestime Bible Academy & Seminary has a well-established leadership role in Christian education. In addition to being Biblically-centered, our program focuses individually on each student’s unique aptitudes and abilities. The pupil advances only as he or she masters each academic concept, but, at the same time, is not held back by an arbitrarily set, conventional academic pace. Scripture memory verses, coupled with lessons on the character traits of Jesus Christ, are interwoven throughout the curriculum, to give meaning and purpose for the academics that are taught. The end result is an excellent, well-rounded, spiritual, and academic foundation in the life of each student. The topics we cover include everything from basic Christian discipleship, to prayer, spiritual warfare, guidance, healing, Christian sexuality, church growth, evangelism and missions

The Harvestime Bible Academy and Seminary Canada are under the supervision of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry, who is one of four ministries. the Bible Academy & Seminary was founded in 2015.




The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry (2017)

Created in 2017, the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is an International Partnerships within Christian organizations to shares a common constitution, governance style, statement of faith and vision and values that we have as Canon Law or Bylaws to guide us in governance. It is a ministry in which churches around the world can establish themselves by combining forces and eliminating competitions.

IAoC is assisting churches in other countries for partnership in their own country based on a goal to bring blessings to the Church and to bring Glory to God by encouraging mutual caring and sharing.

Our commandments: “Spread love” and “Go Ye Therefore And Teach All Nations” Matthew 28:19

The church association  Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry was created at our Synod in June 2017 after having a request for a partnership of Rural Churches of different denominations from an Indian Pentecostal Church and a  Malawians United Methodist, then four other churches joined from Uganda and Nepal.

In 2018 our association counted 18 Churches or Christian Organizations.

Our goal is to give small churches tools to spread the good words of our Lord Jesus.

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry is an association of Christian congregations, bearing witness to the Gospel and serving Jesus Christ among people throughout the world.

Our members are diverse in style, tradition, denominational affiliation, and membership. We are an international, intercultural, interracial fellowship of churches and ministry which seeks Christian unity in local, national and world relations.

We are people devoted to following Christ and to living our faith in service of others and love.

What Is the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry?

The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry is a voluntary association of self-governing partnership of churches as associates and affiliates partnership committed to Christian reconciliation and unity. The Assembly doesn’t have a large staff. Currently, there are four-person volunteers employed by the Assembly (2014-2018).

We bring together churches, denominations and church fellowships in more than 5 countries and territories throughout the world, representing Christians in Pentecostal, Baptist, United Methodist and Evangelic all Independent churches in Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Malawi and Canada.


The purpose of our Interdenominational Assembly of Churches is to include an international and domestic mission, theological education, advocacy for religious liberty, literature production, for pastors and other church workers, and the infrastructure necessary to keep these cooperative efforts operational.

Specifically, the association was created “to provide a general organization for Christians in Canada and for the promotion of Christian missions at home and abroad and any other objects such as Christian education, benevolent enterprises, and social services which it may advisable for the Kingdom of God.


The mission of the association of churches is to promote excellence and preserve the traditions of church benefit boards and church benefit plans through collaboration and fellowship.

  1. Provide groups to enable closer fellowship and mutual encouragement and support among the clergy, lay and Christian organizations and to provide resources for pastoral ministry.
  2. Encourage cooperation among churches. The biggest benefits of church membership are its collective resource that provides opportunities to help others and make a difference. Church volunteer opportunities are available in most churches and these opportunities provide the system and structure to serve or support a cause.
  3.  Representation on a national scale, as we speak on your behalf to government and the media
  4. An opportunity for your church to respond to God’s call for unity. Offering the opportunity for congregations to cooperate in fellowship
  5. A monthly Headlines email and a sign-up to all our e-letters, helping you build up your leaders and resource your church for mission.
  6. Our church planting efforts. Be a resource to emerging churches
  7. Our association with Footsteps of Jesus Biblical Seminary and Harvestime Bible Academy for scholarships.
  8. The high quality of anointed Bible preaching ministries. Stimulate ideas and explore areas of common service.
  9. Each Church Member is a member of our General Assembly (Symposium) with 3 representatives with a vote right.
  10. We supply our members with Internet Tools to be more productive and cooperative among organizations with our Google G Suite and Facebook Workplace
  11. Google Classroom for our Free Bible Student Courses



Ministers Licenses:
Credentials are a statement of confidence in the individuals who bear these credentials. The issuing of ministry credentials is one of the important things entrusted to the Churches. The IAoC issues three levels of ministry credentialing:

  • Licensed Minister Credential – requires the equivalency of a B.TH preparation in Bible and Theology
  • Certified Minister Credential– allows good people who do not have the requisite educational training to be recognized with a credential (Lay Minister)
  • Ordained Minister Credential – granted to licensed ministers who have developed a proven track record of leadership, integrity and doctrinal soundness, and who, after at least 2 years of proven service, are put forward for Ordination.


Associate Churches / Christian Organizations (Partial List 2018)

  1. 2017 District 03 Indian Pentecostal Church in Andhra Pradesh, India
  2. 2017 District 04 African United Methodist Church (Malawi)
  3. 2017 District 05 Greater Grace Ministries African Evangelist Church (Uganda)
  4. 2017 District 07 Christ Commission Fellowship Church
  5. 2017 District 07 Glory Ministry in Kenya
  6. 2017 District 05 Bethel Orphanage Care Foundation
  7. 2017 District 08  Brazil in progress in planting
  8. 2017 District 06 Nepali Pentecostal
  9. 2018 District 04 Divine Light Ministries
  10. 2018 District 07 House of Light Pentecostal Church in Kenya
  11. 2018 District 05 Set free Church & Ministries Uganda
  12. 2018 District 03 Grace Ministries Welfare Society
  13. 2018 District 11 All nations volunteers praise ministry
  14. 2018 District 31 One in Christ Ministries
  15. 2018 District 06 Jesus Grace Church Ministry Nepal
  16. 2018 District 05 Happy Times Care Ministries
  17. 2018 District 07 Friends of Humanity Gospel Ministries
  18. 2018 District 07 Centre of Praise Fellowship Church
  19. 2018 District 31 Zion International Minister
  20. 2018 District 07 Old Camp Ground Ministries
  21. 2018 District 07 Builders For Christ Assembly Church


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