About EMMI

Eric Michel Ministries International own and operate these ministries:

  1. The Chaplaincy of the Methodist Episcopal Nonconforming Conference (2017) and Christian Unitarian
  2. The New Hope Ministry and Missions Baptist Fellowship (2012)
  3. The Eric Michel Pentecostal Ministry (2017)
  4. The Universal Society of New Syncretism (1978) who became the Universal Christian Gnostic Church.
  5. The Academic Research in Christian Theology and Apologetics Teaching Methods servicing Footsteps of Jesus Seminary and Bible Academy and the Canadian Harvestime Bible Academy (1978)
  6. The Interdenominational Assembly of Churches Ministry Association (2017)
  7. And The EMMI African Churches Association (2020)

Eric Michel Ministries International operating the EMMI African Church Association Ministry, an association of Churches and Para-Churches, including members of the clergies and elders or directors.

We are open to all Bible Christians from the left and the right.
We are using services from Faithlife, Facebook, Workplace, G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 and QuickBook.

The Most Important Tools “The Bible”.

From a union of these denominations:

  1. Chaplaincy, a not-for-profit religious corporation of the Methodist Nonconforming
  2. New Hope Ministry & Missions of Baptist
  3. Eric Michel Pentecostal Ministry
  4. Christian Evangelical

Phone: 6137774650

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/enmiiaoc/

The Rt. Rev Marie Yvonne is:

  1. the Co-Founder of the Chaplaincy of Eric Michel Ministries International and New Hope Ministry and Missions
  2. President of the House of Bishops and
  3. Co-Founder of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches (Churches and Para-Churches association
  4. Group Administrator
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