Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh

We read in Corn.12: 7-10 that Paul is speaking about a {thorn in the flesh}
He asked God three times to remove it but it never happened.
We don’t know if Paul’s problem was a physical, spiritual or emotional affliction.
Many explanations have been put forward but we have no way of knowing.
We do know that it caused him a great deal of pain, causing him to question
if God was allowing him to have this affliction so that he would not get too proud
of being chosen by God to bring the great commission to the people.

Today there are more afflictions then could ever be mentioned here, none of us get through life
without something that could stop us from serving God, but like Paul, we have the same promise that
Gods grace is sufficient in our times of trials. In this life, there isn’t one of us that doesn’t have some form of problem, be it physical, spiritual or emotional and there are those that are bereaved and many other problems. But we know that we are never alone. None of us likes to live in pain and we think that we could serve God so much more effectively if we had better health. God didn’t ask us to have a medical checkup he takes us as we are and gives us strength for each day.

Many times we try to figure out why things happen as they do, but there never seems to be an
answer, we say where is God, why does he allow things to happen like they do and these are questions that cannot be answered because we can not know the mind of God our minds can’t comprehend a God that was powerful enough to create the universe and still take care of us, and all he asks of us is that we believe and have faith. We are children of God and if we do not allow him to have a part in our lives we have a very empty feeling that something is missing. I don’t know if this applies to any of you but if you have that empty feeling try giving God a chance you have nothing to lose.

Believe God! if he calls you to work then he will see to it that you will accomplish it. Many times we are impatient, ,sometimes we get discouraged, sometimes we grow weary of waiting and we jump ahead of God. But we must learn to be patient and not always be in control, we must learn to trust and wait on God..

Rev. Marie Arnold.

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