Pentecostal Churches Are God’s Standard

Summary: The early Church that Jesus established was born in the mighty power of Pentecost. That same power of Pentecost is the norm for believers and churches today.

Luke 24:49  “I am going to send you what my Father has promised; but stay in the city until you have been 
clothed with power from on high.”• And that, in a nutshell, pinpoints the reason that much of the Christian church in America today so poorly represents that vigorous first-century church which walked in the power of Pentecost. Ministry in non-Pentecostal churches is limited by the lack of what Jesus called “power from on high”.
• It is very significant that Jesus spoke the words “stay … until … [you receive] power from on high” to well-trained disciples, including His apostles (vs. 33). He had taught them personally for more than three years. They had undergone excellent on-the-job training, Jesus having sent them out on short-term ministries under His oversight. They had watched their Master as a role model of perfect, Holy Spirit-anointed ministry. No modern seminary or bible college could ever provide the level of preparation that the original apostles had received directly in the literal presence of Jesus Christ.• And yet, despite that outstanding training, Jesus still told them in essence [my paraphrase], “I Myself have taught and trained you for over three years. Nevertheless, you are not yet ready to minister the way that I ministered. So I charge you to stay in Jerusalem. Do not go out yet and start your ministries. You still lack one thing — the power from on high. You will need that to do the kind of work I have called you to do.”
• Sad to say, a multitude of pastors and other ministers today have not taken this command of Jesus to heart. And they go forth and try to do spiritual ministry without the “power from on high” that Jesus provided at Pentecost. Let’s now see what Jesus meant by their (and our) receiving that “power from on high”.

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By:  James H. Feeney.

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