UK rejects asylum for Iranian Muslim who converted to Christianity, saying that Christianity isn’t a peaceful religion

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UPDATE: Reader Chris called my attention to a video about this asylum situation. A video featuring the woman’s letter, which includes excerpts from the UK’s letter of refusal and an interview with the refugee’s lawyer, is on Channel 4 and can be seen here.


This has been reported in several British papers, but one went behind a paywall and so I’ll give a screenshot of the free Torygraph article.  I’ve written before about how Asia Bibi (Aasiya Noreen), a Pakistani Christian who was imprisoned for blasphemy and then freed, was apparently denied asylum in the UK because it would incite unrest in “certain quarters of the population” (read: Muslims). She was offered asylum in France, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Australia, but her whereabouts at present are unknown.

If the UK really did that, and the evidence is that it did, it bespeaks a disgusting cowardice…

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