My Conversion to Christianity

Nan's Notebook

Back in 2014, I wrote a post in which I briefly mentioned some religiously-related events in my life and promised I would expand on them at a later date. I never did because “other topics” seemed more important, more interesting, and/or more pressing.

However, prompted by a comment and some questions made by rawgod on that old post, I decided to FINALLY fulfill my promise and write about my conversion to Christianity. Some of it may be “old news” as I made reference to the event in my book, and I think I’ve also related a bit of it in various blog comments. In any event, here’s the story.

Technically, I was not raised in church. There was a brief time when I was very young (4? 5?) that I was exposed to Catholicism — primarily to satisfy my father’s parents who were very (!) devout Catholics. He himself did…

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