Conservative Evangelical Christianity….

See, there's this thing called biology...

So, I’m just going to confess this, speak the truth, unburden my spirit, and declare, sometimes I just can’t abide conservative evangelical Christianity and it’s prideful, religious spirit of heaping never-ending condemnation on other people.

I call it pharisitical spirit, because it reminds me of a cross between a pharisee and a parasite, a leech that just seems to want to drain and bleed the Lord’s nutrition right out of me.

I’m sure I’m winning over conservative hearts and minds already. How to win friends and influence people really is my skill set and special talent.

Just the same, it is like a slug in the gut every time I see it and not an edifying slug in the gut either,  but a flee from all immorality because this is so not the Lord I know, kind of slug in the gut. That does not mean I am now delighted…

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