French Bible of 1891

Rev. Marie and I went for a Sunday drive as we love the road and nature, going by Beauharnois Quebec, I spot an antique store going by the name La Chaise Rouge (The Red Chair) so we stop and explore the store, with the blessing of Rev. Marie we purchased two items, 1st a frame of Expo 67, Canada Exhibition for the 100 anniversary of Canada 1867-1967. It’s an airview of the Island without Saint Helen’s Island so no Midway or any of the rides on the picture.

The 2nd item is a Bible, the French title is Histoire de la saint Bible Edition: Maison Alfred Mame et fils Tours France, written by L’abbé Cruchet.


It is a real history book or an adapted version of the Bible, it has no Chapters and Verses like the Bible, No Genesis, Kings, Mathew, Act and Revelation, it is divided into chapters like this: Old Testament Book 1 The world to Abraham’s vocation, Book 7 The judges government,  in the New Testament Book 1 birth and childhood of Jesus, etc.

It was common to see that here anyway in Quebec, in school we read the Holy History and study the catechism as I attend a Catholic School.



I noticed on the web,  it has lots of versions of this book for sale, the book itself has no copyright date it says the fourth edition, I found 1840 and 1893 in many places, the book has approval by two Superior of the clergy and signed on August 11 and August 14 both in 1891. Price goes from 15 Euros to 295$US.

Cannot find anything on the web about the author L’abbé Cruchet.

For the price we paid, it was a good buy. Now according to Rev. Marie, I must read it, lol.


La Chaise Rouge


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