Viva Restaurant: Pho, Fried Rice, and Frog’s Legs

Dining with Donald

Every so often there’s a restaurant that I somehow managed to miss, despite it being in my neighbourhood, and even with people referring to it quite regularly. Viva Restaurant, which specializes in Vietnamese and Chinese food is one such place. I went once last year, and had intended to get back, but for some reason never managed to make it. So, in the last couple of weeks I decided to make visiting a priority.

Viva Pho The Deluxe Beef Pho from Viva Restaurant.

Viva is located on Sargent on the lane way between Spence and Young Streets. It’s on the main floor of an office building. The building itself is rather nondescript, but the restaurant is quite attractive. The layout is an inverted L with the long arm of the L containing the front seating area, counter, and kitchen, and another, dining area forming the short arm of the L.

The front…

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