The bishop nominating committee took place on November 13-14 of 2018, and we covet your prayers and nominating the Rev. Xaviour S. Chikwatu Bishop of the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches. We are excited by the quality of the candidate and we trust in the continued guidance of the Holy Spirit and to present him his Honorary Certificate.

How do you address a bishop in person?

  • Archbishop: the Most Reverend (Most Rev.)
  • Bishop: “the Right Reverend” (Rt. Rev.)

Two New Roles at the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches

We appointed two new District Superintendents

  1. In district 04 Malawi Bishop Xaviour S. Chikwatu
  2. In District 07 Kenya Bishop Julius Nyambuoro

In function immediately, District Superintendent directly under the Symposium, the district is overseeing by a District Bishop. The District Bishop is only administrative and organizational. They are in charge of all temporal activities and rules over our District Churches.

The Bishops are a member of the House of Bishop and have the privilege to vote at all Local Synod, National or the Symposium and more our District Superintendents are also a member of the permanent Synod organization who works every day as the Executive counsel, their role is a committee responsible for running the organization.

These positions include the Bishop President the Rev. Marie Y. Arnold. They create and review goals for the churches. Once the plans are set by the Symposium, the permanent Synod make sure the churches follow the changes. They do this by meeting with bishops and ministers of all members of the Assembly of Churches and getting progress reports.

Executives’ duties

  1. Supervise all members
  2. Oversee the finance such as budgets
  3. Legal services
  4. They may hire and train new staff
  5. Ordain new appointed Bishops.
  6. They may direct staff in what tasks need to be done.
  7. Care and direct investigations to resolve when complaints arise
  8. They develop relationships with people outside the organization.
  9. They meet regularly with other members.
  10. They work under the supervision of the Archbishop and the Symposium

God bless our new leaders!


Our new Superintendents: Bishop Xaviour S. Chikwatu

and Bishop Julius Nyambuoro



The Board of General Superintendents for Eric Michel Ministries International who is a part of our House of Bishops, and from the President Bishop the Rev. Marie Y. Arnold underlines that: “we share the message of salvation through Jesus Christ and dedicated our mission of making new disciples in all nations through our ministries and leaders like Bishops Chikwatu and Nyambuoro” and looking forward to their supervision, guidance, and motivation for all the Interdenominational Assembly of Churches across the world.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


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