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By One God
My raps are lyrical, conductively explicit. Telling No lies! it will leave you optimistic. Give me the prize and I’ll show you a statistic of a criminal mind who was conspirsly twisted.
Try to maintain when when you Not knowing the truth, rationalize when you Not having the proof! Never deny my authentic point of view from a black man’s perspective who grew up in urban youth.
Giving you facts on annihilation of BLACKS! try to attack when I’m not watching my back! try to relax when you understanding corruption cause the schools don’t ever Teach they just keep you from learning something.
Study The Black Panther Party of Huey P….. Bobby Seal was a real gorilla that lives in me. Little Bobby Hutton was murdered up on the scene in the streets of Oakland in hoping in living up to a dream. You never seen! a…

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