Freedom! by Shara Cooper

Inmate Blogger

I feel so good to be feel Free!
With The ability to speak
It liberates me!
This freedom you would think is for anyone.
yet not everyone has the ability to speak freely.

The land of the Free is where we reside indeed.
Still so many live in misery.
Voices silenced,
Afraid to speak.
Living in this free land with voices failing.

Failing to speak up,
Believing there is no one to listen.
Others failing to speak up,
Their voices purposely hidden.

This freedom I choose not to take for granted.
My voice muffled for long 30 years.
Fear is no longer allowed to hold me hostage anymore.
I take this opportunity to be free and hopefully bring others to the door.

The door of Freedom!
Use your voice!
Today I choose to use my voice and speak!
Today I want you too to be Free!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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