Prisoner’s who waste time by: Tywan Osborne

Prison Chaplaincy

Inmate Blogger

Is anyone ever wondering what’s going on in prison? Where some of the most dangerous people in society has been placed, to either perpetuate the same criminal behavior that brought them to prison, or to elevate their minds to a place to where prison has become nothing less than a process of human development. Unfortunately, for most prisoner’s this has become an insane asslym. Drug use is prevalent, violence is not as high as most people would like to think, because the gangs have been pacified with pacifications such as: Cable, video games, food from outside vendors, and tablets which allows them to connect and communicate with the outside world. What I say to that is, do whatever’s necessary to preserve life for the one who deserves a second chance. Anyway, other that the majority, Like 85%, Talks on the phone, play games, like tag running around laughing and joking…

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