God commissioned the Most Rev. Dr. Eric M. Gagnon (Archbishop)


Photo of Rev. Eric at the Bruce Peninsula lighthouse, Ontario Canada


Founder of Eric Michel Ministries International Interdenominational Assembly of Churches. (Worldwide)

Unfortunately, Eric Michel Ministries International does not do financially support people and other organization or politic party, It is not in our mandate

The Rev. Eric Michel is an Apostle. The word “apostle” is used for the highest rank of church leadership. The disciples and Paul used the term Apostolos as the name of their leadership office in the church (Acts 15:23; Romans 11:13; Galatians 1:1

Also, his job as apostle like the early church is to lay the foundation of the church (Ephesians 2:20). Part of his task is to appoint ministers, bishops, elders and executive director.

New Testament comes to hinting at a hierarchy are the actions of the Jerusalem Council in Acts 15. The letter from the council began this way: “The apostles and elders, your brothers, to the Gentile believers in Antioch, Syria and Cilicia” (verse 23).

As you can notice the Rev. Eric Michel does not preach, no sermons and he does not visit other countries.

There is much discussion on what the word ‘apostle’ means and how to describe an apostle. Some of the confusion is because apostles don’t all look or work alike. Some focus on world missions, some on the marketplace, and others on the local church or a network of churches. However, they all share at least three basic characteristics: Apostles are Ambassadors, Generals-Governors, and Patriarchs. (By Dr. Ron Cottle and Dr. John P. Kelly at https://www.acaleaders.org/definition-of-an-apostolic-leader/)

Apostles make him equal to Jesus’ Apostles, but his humility refuses this comparison and like other denomination, he is an elected Bishop with the title of Archbishop and it is included in our Canon Law.


The Rev. Eric Michel Community Chaplain and Co-Founder of Eric Michel Ministries International, counsellor. He is French, born in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec in 1951, he is a father and grandfather, Bivocational Pastor Chaplain. Director of Eric Michel Ministries International since 2010, he was ordained in 1988 in a Christian Gnostic Church and now he is an Independent United Methodist minister, devoting himself in helping people since his oath as a wolf cub pack member (Boy Scout) in 1960 and he never stops since.

A large part of his life was to give time to the community as a volunteer and he was a member of more than 20 non-profit organizations, sitting as director, vice-president and president, also  he was involved in round tables of social comities for the well being of the community in different aspect regarding health, social well being and most important their primary necessity. The Chaplain title was received on August 5, 2010, adding to that his life experiences and studies as a professional outreach worker which he earns working for 7 years as a “Travailleur de Rue” (street outreach worker) at the Centre d’Intervention et Prevention en Toxicomanie de l’Outaouais mainly and other organisms.

Academic Background:

  • University of Quebec in Hull Course in small group Communication Skills
  • Collège Dominican faculté de théologie Bible Study
  • Sherbrooke University Theology Roman Catholic
  • Certified Computer Technician
  • Certified Christian Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Researchers
  • Académie de Formation Professionnelle de Pastorale Pastor-Celebrant Wedding Training
  • 2015 February 27, Facility and Stewardship Trustees Training



  • International Federation of Christian Chaplains
  • United Religions Initiative
  • Royal Canadian Legion


Eric Michel CoatofArms

Semper Christo Fidelis


Archbishop Eric Michel Coat-of-Arms

  1. Harvestime Bible Academy
  2. Pentecostal Churches
  3. Baptist Churches
  4. United Methodist Churches


Clergy Membership

  • 1988 He was ordained on December 7th and became a Bi-vocational Pastor.
  • 2010 November 30th Ordained Bishop
  • 2011 May 6th, he received the title of Archbishop by-election voted unanimously.




About the Rev Marie Yvonne Community Chaplain Co-Founder of Eric Michel Ministries International, counsellor.

She is a mother of 4 children and 6 grandchildren. She has been an ordained Metaphysical Minister in Dec.2010.
She is a member of The Jeddore Unite Baptist Church, She is now an Independent United Baptist minister.

In the 80’s, She was a Sunday School Teacher and Sunday School Superintendent.and also a member for many years of the Jeddore Women’s Missionary Society.

Most of her life was dedicated to the well being of others mainly in the field of counselling in her community which led to her decision to explore a course in counselling. which she wanted to continue in her ministry.

In the 70’s and 80’s, She was also assistant Deacon, assistant trustee and volunteer. Also during that time, she was a member of the choir and helped with the youth group. During her time as Sunday Superintendent, she had an average attendance of 100 members.

She also began the first adult Sunday school class which got the interest of many and was well attended. These years taught her compassion in dealing with people from 3 years old to adult and that has followed her into taking the decision to go into the ministry.


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