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  • September 6 applying for G Suite Education
  • September 8 Trial end date: September 22, 2018
  • September 9 acquisition of and You’ve successfully purchased, (Harvestime purchased from other company due to a computer glitch at Google site)
  • September G Suite Education denied
  • September 14 Request for G Suite Education Upgrade
  • September 28 You would like to create a new GSuite account but are unable to because an account using your domain name already exists
  • September 28 Thank you for applying to GSuite for Nonprofits. We will contact you within three business days regarding the status of your application.
  • September 28 Congratulations and welcome to the Google for Nonprofits program. Your application for Eric Michel Ministries International has been accepted!
  • October 1 Thank you for applying to GSuite for Nonprofits. We were unable to process your application because your G Suite account is not set to the correct edition. At this time, we can only upgrade G Suite Basic Edition accounts to the Nonprofit Edition of G Suite, offered at no charge.
  • October 18 Your GSuite for Nonprofits trial has ended. Please be sure to complete the upgrade process to request the full version of G Suite for Nonprofits
  • October 23 open another support ticket we have no answer for our resubmission of October 18
  • Answer at 11:23 AM from Google Google Cloud Support, I wanted to let you know that most Google for Nonprofits applications is reviewed within a 2-14 business day.


We do not have G suite working in any classes business or nonprofit.

Resulting in a delay for our setup for the Symposium next January

Also, we are very limited with Google Classroom personal edition. We need the G Suite one.

Every one of our affiliates is or will be registered under

By using a big company for our organization we need to use their tools, for the ones who were with us last year you needed an email with Yahoo to be allowed to have an account with or (still valid today)

If we are using Office for business, you need to have a Hotmail account.

Things become very complicated, we noticed that 95% of our members have a Gmail account, so we think was the proper way to go.

The Symposium is using the under Google because we are allowed to have only one G Suite account and it is a nightmare to validate this one can you imagine two???

Also, even if it’s free with the nonprofit, you still have to pay for the domain who are from a third party of Google resulting expenses that was not on our budget.

So, when things will be set up you will be able to log in to your email account at and use with a temporary password.

Have a good day, God bless!

Eric Gagnon







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