Seeds of Science – Mark Lynas

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While reading my way through Eating Promiscuosly and Clean MeatI came across the book Seeds of Science, while scanning the New and Noted section at the Winnipeg Public Library. Seeds of Science: Why we got it so wrong on GMOs, is a book by Mark Lynas, a one time anti-GM food activist who, after investigating the views of the scientific community on the subject changed his position. He has since become an outspoken proponent of GM food. Seeds of Science tells the story of this journey, and offers a plea for people to look more carefully at what the evidence really says.

Seeds of Science cover The cover for Seed of Science by Mark Lynas

Lynas’s book starts with an account from his activist days when he and several others, crept into a facility growing genetically modified maize and proceeded to destroy as much of the crop as possible before the…

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