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Hello all!


we have a new page under the main link or navigation bar just under Assembly of Churches our G Suite info, at https://ericmichel.blog/g-suite/

Stats for our main site,  according to Flag Counter www.eric-michel.org accumulate 141 flags of different countries who visited our site. Thank you!

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mobile_ministry Our Mobile site is halfway done, you can visit it at http://ericmichelmobileministry.com


We received our exams for the Bible Academy, it’s a big challenge,

happy that our Rev. Marie revmarie2-143x145

did pretty well in trying the test to see how it works, she did it without any studies just knowledge of pass learning,  for myself oh I think I’ll flunk it, my Bible studies were aimed at theology more than chapters and verses.  Perfect training for fundamentalist or someone who likes to play The American Bible Challenge…


Pierre Luc told me that we have participants to the January Symposium were asking in which country that will be held and how much it will cost…

The answer: it will be online only across the world and admission is free for our members and guests.


All roads lead to a church (Eastern Canada)

We did a lot of churches visit during our summer Rev. Marie and I, sorry I didn’t find time to post them yet, you can explore the site

Fake charities

Scammers impersonate genuine charities and ask for donations or contact you claiming to collect money after natural disasters or major events.





God Bless You All!


Eric Michel 



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