We noticed in the Convocation for the Symposium, Microsoft invited you to join with a Hotmail or Outlook account, you DO NOT need to do this, you DO NOT need to get in Office 365, but if you are interested, it cost between 5.00$ or 10..00$ CAD a month depending on your software choice.

The Symposium will be held ONLINE via Google G- Suite at NO COST for your church. we always try to find a scenario having in mind that everybody is poor.

All will be invited by email.



An information was emailed to us requiring if ministers registered with Universal Life Church are valid to work with us.

The answer is yes but, it depends on you’re background, your present activities in church and your plans for Eric Michel Ministries International

All Ordained Ministers working for us need to have a seminary Bach minimum from Footsteps of Jesus or Vision International University courses. We recognize life experience which may have been gained through years of work which is ministry related and it is for Lay Ordination Only, remember in case of promotion students that completed our courses have a better chance. Many people have served in ministry positions and have gained a lot of knowledge and experience in their fields, but do not have any formal certificate or degree. Life experience credits can give some of the recognition needed for this service in the work of the Lord. Attention life experience entitles you to be a Lay Minister.

  • Applicants must have at least five years in a recognized position in ministry.
  • Any life experience must be documented along with the years they occurred and submitted for evaluation.
  • All candidates for ordination must be trained with our ordination courses
  • All candidates for MInister ordination must have completed a Bachelor Degree from Orthodox Christianity

If you choose to work with us, and this is for all Online Ordination will have to be trained as a LAY MINISTER after 4 academic courses accomplish with success.

If you have no experiences take courses of Harvestime Bible Academy for free and have good marks.

Pierre Luc




Info for the Seminary

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