Anxious And Fearful? Trust God!

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Does fear and unbelief rule how you live your life? Many times we talk one way, living in fear, instead of trust in God. Although we might know in our heads God loves us, we live the opposite. Fear paralyzes  us and keeps us from fulfilling the dreams God has placed in our hearts. Fear robs us of our dreams and leaves us in doubt and unbelief of God’s promises and his loving relationship to us. He promised that we would never lack. He owns everything and is our Provider for all we need in our relationships, health, life, resources, food, housing and the future.

God is doing something new in you and delivering you from fear, anxiety, doubt and unbelief. Nothing is impossible, when you place your trust in God. Embrace God, your future, knowing God is with you and you are victorious! Move by faith…

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