Letter of Convocation of the Second Symposium in 2019



To representatives of:

  1.  Pentecostal Church Vadapalli India
  2. Bethel Orphanage Care Foundation
  3. Glory Ministry in Kenya
  4. Christ Commission Fellowship Church
  5. Conceição Souza
  6. Happy Times Care Ministries
  7.  Set Free Church / Ministries
  8.  African United Methodist in Malawi
  9. Greater Grace Ministries
  10. Evangelical Pentecostal in Nepal
  11.  Archbishop Eric Gagnon
  12. President of the House of Bishops
  13. President of the Board of Elders at International Level
  14. Elders at International Level
  15. Basil Arnold
  16. Prophet J Elisha Ministries Ian Jombo Elisha
  17. Pastor James Odeku
  18. Pas. Varaprasad Kanamala
  19. Pastor Hezborn Bosire
  20. Pastor Fabian Nkunzimana
  21. Pastor Ogoro Joash
  22.  Touch Jesus Outreach Ministries

My dear brothers and sisters, you are cordially invited to your general meeting named “Symposium” that will be held during the weeks of January 12, 2019, to January 26, 2019.

A letter was sent to all members, if you didn’t receive it please contact us asap…


Pierre Luc

Administrative Secretary

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