Bitter Or Forgive?

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

How many times have you tried to deal with the symptoms manifesting in your life, without success? When we do not deal with the root issue, we have many symptoms. These include unresolved anger, hurt, offense, jealousy, envy, rejection, abandonment, and refusal to forgive. These and other things can cause a root of bitterness to become rotting garbage that makes the atmosphere around one very unpleasant for the one carrying it and others nearby.

It is a choice to live bitter or become better. One’s experiences can result in resilience and leaning on the strength of Christ Jesus. We can choose to forgive as Christ has forgiven us and let the offenses go, bringing favor into our lives. Or we can hold  the hurts and become bitter. Which one will you choose today?

Tolerate the weaknesses of those in the family of faith, forgiving one another in the same…

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