We need your prayers for the people of OTTAWA-GATINEAU


  • Three tornadoes touched down in the Ottawa-Gatineau left demolished houses in their paths and people with critical injuries Friday night.


  1. After four days in the same clothes, barred from entering his condemned home, he’d had enough.
  2. ‘My family is going to die here’: Gatineau father recalls tornado terror. James Widder gripped his four-year-old daughter by her fingertips, terrified the small child would be torn from his grasp.
  3. “When, the tornado ripped our roof, my daughter went flying off. I was holding her hand in the air and I almost let go. She was slipping,” he said that afternoon, not long after an F3 tornado with winds that may have peaked at 265 km/h tore across the Ottawa River from Dunrobin, where it had flattened houses and injured at least four.


  • As cleanup efforts continue in the wake of Friday’s devastating tornadoes, Ottawa-Gatineau residents are coming to grips with the fact their lives have been irrevocably altered by the storm.


Please pray with us, thank you!


Rev. Eric Michel

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