Know Your True Identity

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Daddy God, your Creator, has no limits on his love for you. Receive and let his love transform the hidden and self protected pockets, of trauma, rejection, abandonment, unloved, shame, dejection, victim and insecurity. Allow his unconditional love and acceptance to heal what is broken and show the treasure that is you.

Know that your identity is not defined by your circumstances, how others treat you, or the lies that the enemy of your soul, wants you to believe, but by who Daddy God, says you are. All who have believed and received Jesus the Christ are a new creation. You are the temple of the living God and he says you are valuable. Believe and receive this truth. He chose you and adopted you as his beloved child. His love, light, and life shine out of you. Let his loving acceptance and discipline train and renovate…

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