The Great Physician’s Invitation

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

My Dear Child,

I am putting my spotlight on you, so I can heal every part of you. I have heard your muffled cries of pain. Allow me to heal your wounds so you will be no longer be broken and splintered but whole and complete. Allow my surgeon’s knife access to all of your wounds so I can cut deep within you to heal those grievous things. Those areas of deep pain filled with toxins can be excised with my sharp scalpel and healed. Yes, I want to go deep to heal your innermost parts but you must allow me access, so you can be healed.

I am the Great Physician, hear my cry,”Next!” Please, enter my surgery and allow me heal you. Step into to my office, acknowledge your need of my help and I will heal your wounds. I suffered so you could be…

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