Season Of Great Reciprocity

Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

There has been much warfare, trial, and testing. You have given up much, but I see in the Spirit, what’s coming back to you, is so much greater than what you’ve given. You have seemingly, suffered great loss, but I hear the Father saying: “What I am releasing to you in this hour, (My Glory—Goodness) will far outweigh the cost. For I am redeeming the times and the days that have been evil and difficult for you. I am causing there to be a new gold stream, an inundated river, a new flow, of unprecedented blessings.

For I have allowed these things to come, to push you beyond where you have been. Beyond normalcy, apathy, comfortability, and life as usual. I’m shifting you to go beyond the limits, for there are no limitations in my Glory. I’m calling you to go beyond your horizons, for my…

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