Interdenominational Assembly of Churches


Research Theology and Teaching Ministry


“Footsteps Of Jesus & Bible Academy”

We Respect All Differences By Using Reason

God calls his people to reach others with the Good News. Help spread the good news through many opportunities that will use your gifts and abilities for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


Please Help Us Promoting The Seminary For Vocations

Every Christian is a Vocation Promoter

Parents, family and friends have a crucial role to play in fostering vocations to the ministry. You serve as Christian by your examples, prayers and sacrifices, teach the faith and serve as a witness of fidelity in Christ.

  1. Pray for the clergy.

  2. Teach our youth to pray, they need to hear God calling them into the discipleship of the Church.

  3. Preach the Vocations

For those who are considering a vocation:

  • Practice the faith.

  • Meditate.

  • Be a good disciple.

  • Ask God.

Eric Michel Ministries Int’l, Inter-Denominational Christian School “Footsteps Of Jesus…

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