USA, Religious Liberty Task Force


This morning, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the creation of the “Religious Liberty Task Force,” which will oversee new policies meant to protect religious freedom across America.

As part of his remarks, Sessions lamented that the cultural climate in the U.S. has become increasingly hostile to people of faith. Among other examples, Sessions referenced the story of Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker whose case went all the way to the Supreme Court after he refused to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

“In short, we have not only the freedom to worship—but the right to exercise our faith. The Constitution’s protections don’t end at the parish parking lot nor can our freedoms be confined to our basements,” he said. “Religious Americans are no longer an afterthought.”

However, the move has been met with immediate criticism. Some people believe the task force poses a threat to the separation of church and state, while others are worried it will focus less on religious liberty as a whole and instead primarily be used to promote Christianity and Christian beliefs.


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