5 The Discipline what you can find on this section:


  • What is Eric Michel Ministries International?
  • Is the congregation depend on a higher authority?
  • About us, who we are
  • Our Goals
  • What is the Chaplaincy
  • Our Government
  • Our Ministries
  • Volunteers
  • Weddings

Who are the management, staff and founders: Rev. Eric Michel is a Christian, born in Hull Quebec, Father and Grand-Father, French living with his spouse the Rev. Marie from Nova Scotia. Founder and Director of Eric Michel Ministries that have the Christian faith who is less fundamental and more open to diverging concepts being incorporated into our daily religious practice and that’s the “why” that we are Liberal. We base our faith in One God with many names and our involvement is more from the teaching than the rituals. We combined belief systems that incorporate the similarities of the Buddha and Jesus. We aim our Conscious Evolution toward the Omega Point through the Cosmic Christ. Eric Michel was ordained on Dec 7, 1988. Eric Michel Ministries provide spiritual services, weddings, etc. Our main tools are our Chaplaincy & Seminary.

  1. What is the Code of Ethics
  2. How to Find us or Contact us
  3. What is harmony?
  4. Do You have church activities?
  5. The Chaplaincy Watchdog offer
  6. Small Groups
  7. Church activities
  8. Chaplaincy
  9. What does it say on your badge?
  10. The Crest
  11. Pro-feminism
  12. Ordination
  13. Ranks
  14. Seminary FAQ’s
  15. Canon 000.1.13 All members and clergy of EMMI are bound by these Canons and code of conduct
  16. Canon 010.5 Removal of Membership
  17. Canon 010.5.1 A member who has not participated
  18. Canon 010.5.2 Members may terminate their membership
  19. Canon 010.5.3 Membership shall be reviewed at least annually
  20. Canon 010.5.4 The Board of Elders shall remove a person
  21. Canon 010.5.5 A member who for one year is voluntarily absent
  22. Canon 13.0.10 The Chaplaincy has several codes of conduct
  23. Canon 13.0.12 Proceedings of the House regarding the discipline of the clergy shall normally be public
  24. Canon 13.0.13 In the event that the behaviour of any member of clergy gives rise to concern
  25. Canon 13.0.14 In the event that a member of clergy is accused of misconduct
  26. Canon A formal hearing before the House of Bishops
  27. Canon The House will appoint a Prosecutor to represent the complainant(s)
  28. Canon The House will consider the evidence and representations made to it
  29. Canon 13.0.15 An appeal against a ruling of the House of Bishops may be made to the Archbishop
  30. Canon 014.8 MEMBERSHIP Resignation/Dismissal/Disciplinary Action
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