Divine Sofia


The Divine Sofia referred to as the See of Quebec, is the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Eric Michel Ministries International, the episcopal see of the Archbishop. It serves as the central point of reference for all EMMI everywhere. it is responsible for the governance of all members, organized in chaplaincies, churches, and religious institutions. A centralized government with the House of Bishops President as its chief administrator, and various ministries and executive departments.

Episcopal See
The seat or Divine Sofia of the Archbishop is in the City of Gatineau, Quebec.
An episcopal see is the area of a bishop’s ecclesiastical jurisdiction, outside an episcopal see, are indicative of the geographical significance of the term, making it synonymous with “districts”. The term “see” is also used of the town where the cathedral or the bishop’s residence is located.

According to the Canon Law 019.4 Section 2 Location the Divine Sofia can be in any Canadian Province, in 2018, the see was moved from Ontario to Quebec.

The district used in an ecclesiastical sense, it refers to an administrative territorial entity, the district is under the supervision of a bishop (who may have assistant bishops to help him or her) and is divided into Chaplaincies or Churches under the care of Superintendent Minister.


Resource: http://www.eric-michel.org/Archbishop.html

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