Q & A Clergy

(Q & R in French)

What is clergy?

The clergy church staff who take up the authoritative positions. Most Reverend, Right Reverend, Reverend, Minister, Lay Minister, Deacon or Pastor. It is the body of people ordained for religious service.

Clergy’s Role:

A clergy is a person assigned to take care of the needs of people in a church.


How we recognize a clergyperson?


The main symbol for clergy at EMMI is the clerical collar, a small square at the base of the throat.


Can EMMI clergy be married?


Yes, we do not have a vow of celibacy. we ordain both sexes so like Rev. Marie and Rev. Eric are spouses to each other.

What does a person need to have for becoming a minister?

There is a level of education specifically towards religious studies, they are in-step with their group’s beliefs as Minister, also toward a lay minister or a clergy minister (who can go up in ranks) both are ordained. see Seminary


The purpose of clergy:

The purpose is to preach the gospel and practice rituals and services, helping those whom they have charge of, to comfort the sick, be readily available when and where ever they are needed. spiritual leader over which they preside.


What is a higher clergy?

In hierarchical churches of Christianity, “higher clergy” usually refers to higher offices that bishops may hold like a pope, a patriarch, or a metropolitan and at EMMI it is an archbishop who is elected know also as presiding bishop.

How to get licensed as a clergy?

No license is required to be a clergyperson
The government takes no position as to when or how any person may either call themselves or be called by others, “clergy.”
Getting a license from the government in order to celebrate a wedding a religious event and a civil meaning and consequence in law.
In Canada, the provincial government specifies what they require in order for the clergy for purposes of performing an act of legal consequences as marriage.

When the Reverend Eric was working for The Lorrain Christian Evangelic Church a license was issued by the Government of Quebec under an ecclesiastical endorsement.


(Please see this post of Nov the 30th 2014 concerning Rev Eric Michel and the Church of Lorraine)

We do license our clergy members to stipulate their function and authorization among our churches and affiliates:

A minister and a lay minister do not accomplish the same role, as well as an evangelist or a communion (Eucharist) minister etc.

Did the clergy work?

Mainly our clergy has to be engaged in traditional labour we call them bi-vocational minister as they have to be self-sufficient in Canada and USA, but our affiliate in the third world, they lived on the sacrifices and tithes given to them by the congregations of the faithful and secular rulers.

Before retirement Rev. Eric was a Computer Technician



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