The Shrine / Sanctuary


(Note: The Shrine is in REM leaving room)

The Shrine who is normally inside on the left of the Sanctuary, the pulpit on the right side and in the center the lectern.




pulpit   The Pulpit



Worship practice @ home at the lectern

List of documents containing the word sanctuary in the database

Canon 020.19 The Sanctuaries

Canon 020.20 Consecration or Blessing of Sanctuaries

A sanctuary that is owned by a chaplaincy or a community may be consecrated and dedicated by the Ordinary. A rented or leased sanctuary may be blessed and dedicated, but not consecrated, by the Ordinary or by a Minister. If the sanctuary is also used for other purposes, such as a conference room rented from a secular or religious organization, it may not be consecrated, dedicated or blessed.

Canon 020.21 Use of Consecrated Sanctuaries

A duly consecrated and dedicated sanctuary shall be primarily used for the celebration of the Greater and Lesser Mysteries of the Chaplaincy or for private or group prayer and meditation or other religious ceremonies. Before disposing of consecrated property, a service of deconsecration must be held.

Canon Property Convener (Director of Trustees) under the Chief Finance Officer & Assets (Stewardship)
Responsible for the decisions, activities, committees and volunteers attending to the maintenance of the building and grounds. Members serving the Chaplaincy by managing the upkeep of our facility inside and out throughout the year: Property Committee and the Sanctuary events and decorations committee.

The term sanctuary shall be used to designate the physical structure, or area within a physical structure, in which a congregation or community conducts its worship and rituals.

Sanctuaries may be dedicated to a Christian Saint Approved by the symposium or the Archbishop, Jesus or Mary Magdalene and / or Francis of Assisi. Before a sanctuary can be publicly dedicated, the Synod Bishop must be informed of the chosen name; he will issue a decree establishing the sanctuary and naming its leader.

Canon 022.2

The Minister should always come first. Associate ministers should not enter or exit the sanctuary ahead of the Minister unless directed to do so by the Minister. If there is a visiting Minister, associates are required to give up their seats for the visiting Minister and take a seat in the pulpit only if one is available after the visiting Ministers have been seated. Unless specifically asked to do otherwise, associates should, in every way, defer to first their own Minister and then to visiting Ministers.

Canon 023.4

Our trend in our church is multimedia. PowerPoint presentations now becoming a flash presentation with neat colour and sound. Scriptural texts on-disk and called up onto giant screens at the click of a mouse. Our sanctuaries are constructed to include this kind of multimedia presentation or the equipment necessary for it, and those in position to authorize the acquisition of this equipment and the requisite modifications to the sanctuary

Canon 023.5 The Sanctuary
We can worship in an auditorium, a large room, or at any pace that meets our requirement. After Sunday Office we can offer refreshments. The place could be used as a multipurpose room, with chairs that can easily be reconfigured into a variety of floor patterns to maximize use of their main auditorium. The sanctuary includes a delimiting rope, an altar, the pulpit, communion table, tables and chairs for the officiants and decorations including a shrine.

Canon 023.7 Women & Pants
We allow women to wear pants in the sanctuary.


A/V Support
These technologically savvy people maintain and support the use of audio & video equipment. They run the sound booth in the back of the sanctuary for services and other events.

These folks take turns on different Sundays and different services to ensure that the sanctuary is “ready” for the service, to seat latecomers, to coordinate the passing of the offering baskets, to make an attendance count, perform a money count, and clean up after the service.

Chaplaincy Flower Committee

Purpose: To provide flowers and related decorations to enhance the congregational worship services held in the sanctuary.

Sanctuary Decoration Volunteers are needed to help decorate the Sanctuary for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and other special events. This included setting up and cleaning up after any events.

Thanksgiving Sunday School Ideas
Have the Sunday School children go outside and find seasonal artifacts to fill the classroom or even church’s sanctuary such as vibrant leaves, gourds, pumpkins, arrangements of dried grasses, chrysanthemums, and pansies are all natural elements that might be available in this season depending on the area where you live

Sanctuary Required for wedding


Closing Hymn: #861 God is with you till we meet again please rise, as you are able. Please join hands or touch your neighbour’s elbow as we make a circle around the sanctuary.

  • Please do not bring food or beverages (other than water) into the sanctuary
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