Answers to Questions on metaphysics

(1)   Do you believe that being a walking encyclopedia of esoteric or occult knowledge guarantees that you will be prosperous, loved or successful if not what else is needed to achieve these things?

A headful of knowledge does not make you happy or successful, they cannot demonstrate a better life. No matter what a person has studied, or how much they have learned about life mysteries it means nothing unless you can apply such knowledge to first improving the quality of your own life and then the lives of others.

(2)   And what do you think the main practice of Mysticism is and what is it’s main objective or goal, have you used the practice of metaphysics to help achieve your life goals.?

The main practice of mysticism is that of Meditation, it’s main objective or goal is to make direct contact with the intelligence of the Universe, God, in a Spiritual sense.

(3)   Mystically defined—What is Second Sight and what is its purpose?

In Mysticism this has been referred to as the third eye or the eye of the soul.

(4)  What are some of the things that a person might see with their Second Sight?

A person might see cloud-like formations of color, pictures of various things, flat or dimensional or an inner light.

(5)  Why is Meditation so important in the practice of Mysticism and is meditation an important part of your life?

Meditation is the essential foundation of practical mysticism. Mystical meditation is key to contacting and maintaining contact with God.

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