Views on Metaphysics

I will begin with questions pertaining to metaphysics that are asked by skeptics, some believe that the answer to all of life’s questions are strictly in the bible and have never read anything about metaphysics. They have never heard that Jesus was a mystic and used metaphysics in his teaching and healing. I have some questions here that we can use to begin our discussion What are your views on metaphysics and the role that it plays in our lives today I have my views on this I would like to hear yours and maybe compare answers or answer questions.

(1) Do you believe that being a walking encyclopedia of esoteric or occult knowledge guarantees that you will be prosperous, loved or successful if not what else is needed to achieve these things?

(2) And what do you think the main practice of Mysticism is and what is it’s main objective or goal, have you used the practice of metaphysics to help achieve your life’s goals.?

(3) Mystically defined—What is Second Sight and what is its purpose?

(4)What are some of the things that a person might see with their Second Sight?

(5)Why is Meditation so important in the practice of Mysticism and is meditation an important part of your life?



Rev. Marie, Bishop

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