Affirmation Meditation

Affirmation Meditation or otherwise, known as self-programming Meditation is having the ability to go into your mind very quickly. When we hear the word Prosperity we immediately. think of being rich, this is wrong prosperity is not only financial, but it also includes areas of love, health, and happiness. Having one without the other is not true prosperity.

We have to have the right mental attitude in order to attract prosperity. The right mental attitude is an attitude of continued expectancy, a state of mind that is always open to new ideas, inspiration, and intuition flowing from the God-Mind within each of us. In metaphysics God as a Manifesting Univers, is the only true source of prosperity.

Prosperity is also considered a state of the soul because knowing, through meditation that God is truly within you, as the central core of your being and mind, produces the greatest positive attitude of mind for achieving prosperity. According to the teachings of metaphysics and contrary to what we were always led to believe, having money is not sinful.

Praying for Prosperity.
When praying do not ask for money. Make your prayer an affirmation that your spiritual mind knows you have a need, and that God is already in the process of prospering you.
When going through your bills you should maintain a mental attitude that God, working through you will take care of the payments.


Rev. Marie, Bishop

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