Intelligent Design

Read the exposé of Rev Eric Michel on creation, document which was in part submitted as a thesis for his ThD and of the formation of EMM Research, Theology and Teaching Ministry, built with information found on, this document presents his thoughts on the newcomer in debate today “The Intelligent Design” part of Creationist Vs Evolutionist. The document is presented to the newbie in God Design of the creation, merging both science and theology to reach may be an answer to the question “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  from Genesis. Its view on the subject is to lead you into reflection not to change your belief but to take conscience in a fact that could be The Answer 

It has no hazard in those demonstrations to many coincidences, it had to be planed.

Creation cannot be discarded by science.

Science can tell you how? Explain it but science cannot answer to “the why?” So Metaphysics came to the rescue.

Our system is Irreducibly Complex If an organism produces factors all is good but if one processes are not in use it will be eliminated.

More a biochemical is a complex, at least there is the possibility that it came gradually”

For the complete text read it on the website in a PDF format: From Big Bang to Design



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