So You Want To Be A Christian!

Well be prepared, you may have a few surprises and not so few challenges awaiting you, you may have been told that once you become a Christian that everything is a bed of roses and all your troubles are gone.

You will discover that they are not gone they might even seem insurmountable, but now you don’t have to face them alone.


Although being a Christian and following the teachings of Jesus is a brave and honourable decision and one of the greatest gifts that you will ever receive, it also can come with a price.

We hear wonderful stories about people whose lives have been transformed, how they have been released from the bondage of drugs and alcohol. Others have been released from sexual addiction and their marriages have been saved. All that is wonderful but what about the other side of the coin?


You have decided that you want to follow Jesus, so you turn your life around and although it hasn’t been easy you were able to overcome and now your desire is to live a peaceful happy life as you start your walk with God.

But you discover that things are not as you expected, maybe the addictions that you had are now holding your wife and/or children captive and they don’t want any part of your new-found life. What now?

This is putting a strain on your marriage and family life and it is tearing you up inside to watch your family fall apart, maybe you are asking yourself “is it worth it”?


Take heart and don’t give up, remember this same Jesus that you made a decision to follow was tempted by satan also, but He never gave in. When faced with situations that are too much to bare find yourself a spot where you can be alone with God,

Prayer and meditation will get you through, you cannot do it on your own. It may not happen overnight but keep believing that God is able and you have Him on your side.

The same Spirit that Jesus had you also have within you and that is where you will find your strength, remember we can do nothing on our own accept most times make things worse but God is able to do what we can’t and He alone can bring you happiness.

Read what happened to Job and surrender it all to God.
By Rev. Marie Yvonne  Msc.D.

Bishop and Chief Chaplain.

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