Lifting The Burden


Almost daily we hear of people that are haunted by their past, everything from childhood sex abuse to being overweight to having alcoholic parents to name just a few. These people live in misery because they have never heard of how to overcome these things that continue to haunt them. They live day after day with all those feelings locked up inside never knowing how to be set free. We all have a past that comes back to haunt us from time to time and those memories can destroy us unless we learn how to make peace with our past.

Some of us come from dysfunctional families where hatred was shown more often than love which would leave scars on the heart of any child and they would be carried with them into adulthood  In order to do away with the past we have to learn to forgive and let go, until we can do that our past will always be felt in our present. If you are being held captive with feelings of hatred from your past then forgiveness is the only way that you can be set free.

It isn’t your past or the people in it that are held captive by these memories it is you and you have to forgive and let go in order to find peace and move on. It isn’t easy because the painful memories of the past have been with you for so long it has become part of your daily existence. But you can be free. None of us likes to go through trials but God allows trials in our lives to help us better understand and equip us to help others. but we can’t do anything to help anyone until we can let go of our own demons and learn to forgive and love ourselves.

Each of us is here for a purpose and whatever we have to face along the way is a learning experience to help us face whatever our purpose might be. If you are searching for happiness then look no further then within yourself, that is where you will find the power to put your past behind you and find peace. Once again it isn’t easy when you are soul searching and bringing to the surface all the things that you keep bottled up inside but it will leave you so much stronger and the freedom that you feel will be priceless. So remember you have everything that you need right there within you.

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