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Eric Michel is a Christian Unitarian, Born in Hull Quebec, Father and Grand-Father, French living with Rev. Marie from Nova Scotia. Founder and Director of Eric Michel Ministries International that his in the Christian faith who is less fundamental and more open to diverging concepts being incorporated into our daily religious practice

That’s the “why” that we are  Christian Unitarian. We base our faith in One God with many names and our involvement is in the teaching and rituals. We combined belief systems that incorporate the similarities of the Buddha and Jesus. We aim our Conscious Evolution toward the Omega Point through the Cosmic Christ. He is ordained since Dec 7, 1988, Eric Michel Ministries International provide spiritual services, weddings, etc. Our main tool is our Chaplaincy. Friends stand by for exploring our new website to be released soon…


Pierre Luc

Administrative Clerck

Eric Michel Ministries Int’l

5th Street Manhattan N.Y.

New York. 10014


Community and Caregiver Chaplaincy

Aumônerie communautaire et des aides familiaux résidants

The Eric Michel Ministries International (1987) is a Christian Unitarian and a Baptist Universalist Fellowship.

We are an inclusive community of diverse Christian beliefs and we share values on spiritual growth, social justice, environment and compassion.

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